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Callan Reward Points

Callan Reward Points

Q: What is Callan Reward Points?

A: Callan Reward Points are discounts given by CallanCity users on ( related activities such as shopping, evaluation, and order posting. Callan Reward Points can only be used on If the user account is suspended, CallanCity will cancel the user Use rights related to Callan Reward Points in the account. Callan Reward Points can be used to pay for orders, redeem designated coupons and life benefits, etc. The specifics are subject to relevant rules.

Q: How to use Callan Reward Points?

A: Callan Reward Points can be directly used to pay for orders. The ratio of Callan Reward Points to cash deduction is 100:1. 

For example: if the settlement amount is 100 USD, then you can get 100 Callan Points=1USD, if your total order is 10USD, then just need to pay 9USD+100 Callan Points.

Q: How Can I Exchange Points into Discounts?

A: Convert into coupons - You can exchange Callan Points into coupons at any time in the user center. To exchange your Callan Points into coupons or to check your points balance visit "My Callan Points".

Direct Checkout Discount - Points can be applied at the checkout. (100 Callan Points = 1 USD) 

Q: How can I spend Callan points at the checkout?

A: When you have available points, go to your shopping cart, fill in the number of points you need to use, click on the "Apply" to see the discount information.

Q: Do Callan Points Expire?

A: Yes. All points will expire at the end of the year after the one in which you have earned them.

Q: How Can I Get Callan Points?

  1. Subscribing newsletters
  2. During some promotions
  3. Purchasing goods
  4. First-order
  5. Account registration
  6. Leave product review