Callancity’s savvy brand management, in addition to its unparalleled case, fine jewelry and other luxury goods, is mainly because it continues to create customers’ desire for its brand. Excellence is its quality, luxury is its temperament. Callancity propaganda is a luxury gesture, and the glory of luxury represents the highest pursuit of life.

In ancient times, the custom of jewellery was exclusive to the princes and nobles, representing the high cost of goods, which was not affordable to ordinary people. Nowadays, advocating individuality and pursuing originality become the needs of the public, you can also have your own high-end products. Engraved your own mark on the jewelry!

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Mobile Phone Accessories Customization

Combine the needs of customers, through the engraving (floating engraving,deep engraving to various patterns, etc.), inlay (diamond inlay), electroplating (gold plating or other materials),etc.craftsmanship and other high-quality materials to create a unique and exquisite personalized mobile phone accessories.

Smart Watch Accessories Customization

Apple Watch is already available to everyone! But not everyone has their own different Apple Watch! Gold, diamonds, a distinguished status symbol, a gold-encrusted watch with a different watch! Callancity, to show you a different kind of wonderful, write your own different.

Customized Gifts

Gifts are given to friends by one person. They are a symbol of friendship. They represent the friendship of truth, goodness and beauty, and convey the expectations of human beings. They are holy. When a person gives you a gift, it means that he is friendly to you, he will be your friend, and he will lend a helping hand to you. Even a negligible gift, it is precious.

masonry style With gaps
Handmade diamond-imbedded gold plated housing  for iPhone X

andmade diamond-imbedded gold plated housing  for iPhone XFeatures Fashion design,100% fit in.Shining mobile phone housing. Each crystal is inlaid one by one by handThe housing is 24k gold plated with diamonds OEM / personalized /customization can be acceptedCompatible withiPhone XItems include

  • Fashion design,100% fit in.
  • Shining mobile phone housing.
  •  Each crystal is inlaid one by one by hand
  • The housing is 24k gold plated with diamonds
  •  OEM / personalized /customization can be accepted
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